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Ruger Black Hawk 357 4.62" barrel $580

Around 1960 mfg. Original plastic flattop model not converted to the safety bar hammer block

Finish wear at muzzle. 

Slight turn ring on cylinder

Doesn't look like it had many rounds fired

High Standard Sportsking 22lr 4.3" barrel $325

1954 or 1955 mfg date

Nice original grips

First series without bolt hold open

Some finish wear on the muzzle but near 90% on slide and frame still intact

One factory magazine


Ruger New Model Blackhawk 357 Stainless Steel $700

Great condition

Comes with custom belt and holster


Colt MK4 Officers Model 45acp Blue 1994    $800
As close to new as you can get

Davis Industries DM22 Derringer 22mag Silver  $150
Comes with 2 pocket holsters + 75 rounds of ammo