• The Department of Justice is taking longer than 10 days to release firearms for delivery.
  • Please be patient! We are checking the DOJ website mulitiple times a day and will advise when firearms are ready for delivery.

We will not transfer firearms if you have an expired driver's license


Stoney Creek Arms is here to help with your firearm sales and firearm transfers.  FFL located in North Orange County, minutes from the 55, 57 and 91 freeways. Affordable pricing, Flexible schedule to meet your needs, Knowledgeable, Friendly Service. Will accept delivery of out of state purchases of Long Guns and Rostered Hand Guns.

Firearm Safety Certificate Test and Card issued $25

          -~Dealer for the following~

Aim Sports                                 www.aimsportsinc.com

Anderson Rifles                        www.andersonrifles.com

Atlantic Firearms                     www.atlanticfirearms.com

Dixie Gun Works                     www.dixiegunworks.com

Patriot Ordnance Factory    www.pof-usa.com

RSR Group                               www.rsrgroup.com

Spikes Tactical                        www.spikestactical.com

Standard Manufacturing     www.stdgun.com

SWAT Firearms                      www.swatfirearms.com

Windham Weaponry            www.windhamweaponry.com

          ~Services Provided~

Hand Gun and Long Gun Transfers
$35 + $37.19 DROS = $72.19

$20 Fee for each additional item at time of DROS

California Taxes may apply

Hand Guns must be on the DOJ roster:


Private Party Transfers: $37.19 DROS + $10 Dealer Fee

Need to ship a firearm? $25 + actual cost of shipping.

Customer can choose USPS, UPS or FedEx


Firearm Safety Certificate Test and Card issued  $25